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A midwinter dawn

Relay and I took an early bird saunter this morning between 7 am and 8 am. This time period, along with just after dark in the evening are two of my favorite times to walk because of the stillness and quiet…only occasionally broken by a passing car.

As we strolled three miles around town, the subtle sights and sounds of a January dawn became more noticeable. The pinkish-purple sky as the sun rose over the horizon; the hoot of an owl in the piney woods just north of Bennett Woods school; the sound of our feet crunching in the snow; the fossilized footsteps of those who passed this way before us; and the sheer beauty of a midwinter morning all were captivating and reassuring.

Some may deride winter as bleak and foreboding. I find winter to be refreshing and renewing to my soul. It’s a time to be at peace with the world, to be spellbound by the little things, and to anticipate the subtle glories of each day ahead. Enjoy!

p.s. Next stop – pencil and paper to write a poem about this topic. : )

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